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Everything you need to go from zero to hero in QR technology. Read on for examples, "how-to", history and even a bit of the strange.


QR codes or quick response codes are a type of two-dimensional matrix barcode that were originally designed to be used in the automotive industry. QR codes were created in 1994 by a company named Denso-Wave and were used to track vehicles during the manufacturing process. QR codes can be identified by their square shape consisting of black modules on a white background. QR codes are one of the most popular types of two-dimensional barcodes based on the high speed at which they can be decoded. QR codes have the potential to be used in many ways and have proven to be a very effective tool in marketing.

QR Codes in Marketing

QR codes are a very effective marketing tool and can be placed on almost anything. Businesses can use QR codes to direct potential customers to their website, contact information, and even coupons or discounts. QR codes can be placed anywhere that potential customers might be able to scan them and learn more about a business or product.

QR Codes in Retail

QR codes can also be a great tool in the retail world. QR codes can be placed in store windows and even on websites to provide customers with store hours, and customers are more likely to return if they are rewarded with something like a discount or coupon so QR codes can be used for that purpose as well. The codes are also beginning to appear on clothing tags and labels and can lead the user to product and brand information when scanned.

QR Codes in Real Estate

QR codes have also proven to be effective in the real estate market. Real estate agents can place QR codes on flyers and websites so that potential buyers can learn more about individual listings. QR codes can also be used to lead potential buyers to the real estate agent’s website, contact information, and more.

QR Codes in Social Media

QR codes are also effective in social media marketing campaigns. They can be used to direct users to a company’s Facebook page where they can then “like” the page. QR codes can also be used in social media to provide potential customers with special offers and brand and product information.

QR codes are a fast emerging technology in the United States and while they are not new they are just beginning to gain steam. Most available smartphones on the market are QR code compatible. This means that just about any smartphone can have a QR code reader app and can scan and obtain information placed within a QR code.