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Everything you need to go from zero to hero in QR technology. Read on for examples, "how-to", history and even a bit of the strange.

Near Field Communication

Near field communication is an interesting technology that allows for a simple exchange of data including transactions between two devices that are close to each other. In the United States, near field communication technology is expected to become a well-known and often used system for making payments with the use of smartphones. A large number of smartphones available currently feature embedded NFC chips that have the capabilities to send encrypted information to a reader. This means that people who have their credit or debit card information stored in the NFC enabled smartphones can pay for items by using near field communication technology when near the cash register.

Near field communication technology was invented by Sony and NXP Semiconductors in the year 2002 and is increasingly being added to smartphones to enable mobile payments and other applications. While NFC chips are placed in many smartphones, the technology is not currently widely used but it is thought that NFC technology will increase in popularity and become a way of life in years to come. Near field communication works through the use of short-range wireless communication and is a safe and effective technology. The maximum distance that will work when using NFC is approximately 20 centimeters and this distance helps to ensure that unauthorized communications cannot take place.

In 2004, the Near Field Communication Forum (NFC Forum) was founded to help promote pairing, sharing, and transactions between NFC enabled devices. The foundation also develops and certifies that NFC enabled devices are in compliance with NFC standards. Smartphones with NFC chips can make credit card payments and can also read tags on displays to get more information. NFC technology also enables users to share photos, songs, contact information, applications, and more. The NFC Forum consists of 140 member companies; some of which include Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Microsoft, Visa, and Mastercard.