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Everything you need to go from zero to hero in QR technology. Read on for examples, "how-to", history and even a bit of the strange.

QR Code Apps

QR or quick response codes are a type of two dimensional barcode that can be scanned and read by smartphone QR code apps. More and more people are purchasing smartphones as technology improves and QR codes are becoming a viable way to market a business or product. QR codes are different from traditional barcodes in that they can hold much more data. QR codes can also hold many different types of data including web addresses, pictures, contact information, and more. In order to access the information contained within a QR code, you need to have a QR code app installed on your smartphone. When the QR code reader is downloaded, pictures can be taken of QR codes. Once a picture of a QR code has been taken, the reader then decodes the information and directs the user to some point of action. QR code apps are available for a number of different smartphones.

Android QR Code Apps

ScanLife – Can be used to scan any QR code and launch websites, contact information, or videos. The ScanLife app works for both UPC codes as well as QR codes.

QuickMark – A mobile QR code scanner that allows the user to grab data from any number of smartphone barcode formats. The QuickMark app works along with their Chrome browser extension as well.

I-nigma – This is one of the most highly rated QR code scanners available for the Android platform. I-nigma also has a shopping feature that allows users to search for low prices from a number of online retailers.

QR Droid – Scan QR codes from your smartphone camera and show them in the Android mobile browser, on an SD card, and also create your own QR codes on the phone or computer with the QR Droid app.

iPhone QR Code Apps

RedLaser – This app is not specifically designed for QR codes but does a good job scanning and reading QR codes quickly. RedLaser also has the ability to scan traditional barcodes and can compare retail prices.

BeeTagg – This app can read multiple different types of information that can be found encoded in a QR code. The only downside to BeeTagg is that it does not read calendar information correctly but it is quick and easy to use.

Blackberry QR Code Apps

QR Code Scanner Pro – This QR code scanner is able to read many different types of QR codes which sets it apart from other Blackberry QR code apps that are not able to read every type of data.

Code Muncher – This is a free QR code app that is easy to operate and can read the majority of different kinds of QR code data. This app does not cause your Blackberry to crash. Because this is a free app, it does show ads unless you decide to upgrade.