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Everything you need to go from zero to hero in QR technology. Read on for examples, "how-to", history and even a bit of the strange.

QR Codes At The Cemetery

In the past few thousand years, gravestones have not changed much until now. With all of the emerging technology available today, some companies are beginning to incorporate QR codes into gravestones. QR codes are square barcodes consisting of black modules on a white background. When QR codes are scanned, they can lead users to all types of information. A company called Quiring Monuments has taken an innovative approach to gravestone memorials.

Quiring has created a new type of gravestone that connects people with stories of their deceased loved ones. Using QR codes on headstones enables people with smartphones to scan the QR code and connect with information on the person whose gravestone they are scanning. The neat thing about Quiring Monuments QR codes is that they allow the family of the deceased to authorize who can and cannot view the information contained within the QR code. This way, not everyone will have access to potentially personal information.

Gravestone QR codes can hold all types of information including text, videos, pictures, and more. One unique thing about Quiring is that they can apply QR codes to already existing headstones, cremations urns, mausoleum shutters, and even to public memorials.

QR codes placed on headstones may seem a little strange but can serve a really great purpose. Think about young family members who have never met deceased family members. They can simply go to a cemetery and scan the QR code on the gravestone to learn all about their deceased family member. This allows family members who may otherwise never have known this person to connect with them on a different level.

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