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Everything you need to go from zero to hero in QR technology. Read on for examples, "how-to", history and even a bit of the strange.

QR Code Library

QR or quick response codes are basically two-dimensional barcodes. QR codes differ from barcodes in that they can hold hundreds of times more information that a traditional barcode. QR codes were originally designed to be used to track automotive parts during the manufacturing process but are gaining popularity in marketing and other industries. QR codes can direct users to web addresses along with many other types of data. With the use of QR codes expanding, especially in education, we are beginning to see QR codes even being used in libraries. Many university libraries are beginning to incorporate the use of QR codes for various different purposes.

QR Code Library Information

Lawrence University Seeley G. Mudd Library – Has a QR code informational page that helps users understand what QR codes are and how they work. The library uses QR codes to direct uses on a virtual tour of the library and connects them with electronic resources and the library’s mobile website.

Brigham Young University Harold B. Lee Library – Uses QR codes to point users to their library audio tour, for event download information, and for group study room reservations on the spot.

Boise State University Albertsons Library – Has QR codes that link to their mobile website, Twitter feed, and blog. They also feature a QR code research guide that features tips for creating codes and recommended readers and scanners.

Half Hollow Hills Community Library – Has started to use QR codes on their end stack to help lead customers to various online subject guides.

Bath University Library – Added QR codes to their catalog records to offer users information such as call numbers and locations.

ACU Library – Uses QR codes in their library exhibits to link to websites, songs, and videos, as well as searches of their library catalog.

Lafayette College Library – Has begun to use QR codes for open house events aimed at first year students. They created a type of QR code scavenger hunt to share information with first year students.

QR Code Uses in Libraries