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Everything you need to go from zero to hero in QR technology. Read on for examples, "how-to", history and even a bit of the strange.

QR Code Tattoos

QR codes originated in Japan and were originally designed to be used in the automotive industry to track vehicle parts during the manufacturing process. Since they were first created, QR codes have grown greatly in popularity and are starting to be used for a number of different reasons including marketing. One interesting way in which QR codes are starting to show up is in tattoos. The first QR code tattoo was commissioned by Ballantine’s, a whisky brand, for their “Leave an Impression” campaign.

This QR code tattoo was executed by a tattoo artist named Karl Marc. Marc is from Paris and was approached by the whiskey company who asked him if he would be interested in doing the tattoo. The tattoo would feature a QR code that when scanned would unlock an animation that would stream live on the brand’s Facebook page.

Karl Marc agreed to execute the tattoo and the whole process was filmed during four hours, live with no breaks. The QR code worked on paper, but Marc was a bit nervous that it would not work right at the very end but luckily the tattoo proved to be a success.

Some people have questioned if the tattoo Marc executed is real because there has been fake tattoo advertising campaigns featured on Facebook but tattoo artist Marc insists this is the real deal. What makes the tattoo really special is not only that it is animated but that they have the ability to change the animation as time goes on.

Since Karl Marc created his first animated QR code tattoo and had it streamed live, he has gotten lots of requests. He says that he has started working with other companies on QR code tattoo designs that can be used in said companies marketing campaigns. While it might seem strange to some, QR code tattoos could prove to be the marketing tool of the future.

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