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Everything you need to go from zero to hero in QR technology. Read on for examples, "how-to", history and even a bit of the strange.

Social QR Code

With the growing popularity of QR codes, they have begun to be inserted into social media campaigns. Getting QR codes on your Facebook or other social media page will help with a successful marketing campaign. There are several steps that are key to success when using QR codes in social media.

In order to start setting up a social QR code campaign, the first step is to generate the QR code. For those that are not familiar, QR codes can be encoded to provide all types of information. QR codes can direct users to websites, contact information, send SMS texts, and even help businesses and people get Facebook “likes.” To generate a QR code that can be used on a social media profile, it needs to be in a user friendly format (jpeg is a user friendly format) that will be useful when trying to integrate other applications for the QR code.

Prior to uploading your QR code to Facebook, you need to customize your Facebook post. Four different components are customizable when creating a viral QR code marketing campaign. Below is information on what can be customized.

After you have customized your Facebook social QR code post, it is time to take your marketing campaign live. Prior to taking your campaign live, it is important to test your QR code with various QR code readers before going live to make sure your QR code works correctly. Once your QR code is live on your Facebook page, here is how it will work:

  1. Users will see an ad for your website or business with a QR code
  2. Users will scan the QR code and send the SMS text.
  3. Those who scan the code will be provided with two URLs, one to the business website, and another to share on Facebook.
  4. When the share on Facebook link is clicked, it will automatically prompt Facebook’s share feature to open.
  5. Users then personalize their messages to share with friends.
  6. The QR code is then posted to the users’ Facebook news feed and wall.
  7. Friends can then scan the QR code and share with others.

There are many benefits to taking your QR code marketing campaign to social media outlets. Tons of people will have access to the ad and will scan and share this code with their friends. Ultimately the goal of using social media along with QR codes is to drive more customers to your business in a fast and easy way.