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Everything you need to go from zero to hero in QR technology. Read on for examples, "how-to", history and even a bit of the strange.

Use of QR Codes

QR codes look sort of like UPC codes but are able to hold much more information than a standard barcode. QR codes are used by businesses to extend the reach of the product or brand and market their company. When customers scan a QR code, the code will reveal information about the company and could include a webpage, coupon, image, or more. The marketing possibilities and uses of QR codes are endless. Listed below are some of the ways that marketers are using QR codes to spread the word about products and businesses.

T-shirts: Clothing has started to become a popular medium for placing QR codes. They have been seen on t-shirts, belt buckles, hats, and even temporary tattoos that are handed out at events or purchased at stores.

Stamps: QR code stamps can be used on envelopes and other materials to display additional information about the business when letters are mailed or other types of media are used to advertise. QR code stamps can even be used on bills and invoices to provide customers with further information.

Commercials: Companies are starting to use commercials to advertise special discounts through the use of QR codes. The QR code shows up on the television screen and can be scanned by customers sitting in front of the television to provide them with special discounts and coupons.

Product Placement: QR codes can be used to enhance products for sale. Place QR codes on products so customers can learn more about them. For example, a Montreal based bakery called Clever Cupcakes placed QR codes on cupcakes. These QR codes when scanned led customers to more information on the business and could also be used to direct users to Facebook “like” pages.

Discounts or Coupons: One of the most popular uses of QR codes is to provide customers with special offers such as coupons and discounts. These discount QR codes can be placed on all kinds of marketing materials so potential customers have ample access to them.

Downloads: More and more artists and musicians are handing out cards that have QR codes on them. These cards lead to free music downloads along with information on the band or artist using them.

Product Information: Use QR codes to connect customers with more information on products they may be purchasing or are looking to purchase.

When using QR codes, it is important to link them to a mobile web page. Potential customers want to be able to access information fast and mobile web pages will allow them to get information quickly and efficiently. Remember, if it takes someone too long to access the information they are looking for, they may just forget about it and look elsewhere. It is also important to test out QR codes and make sure they work correctly before using them in any type of marketing campaign.